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United Twins


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My Wordle on my Novel!!


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Top 10 Moments in Mr. Haney’s Class!!


Here are my top 10 moments in Mr. Haney’s Class!!

10. Is writing to my ePals!

9. Friday Fun Lunch!!

8. Field Trips!

7. Helping with Kindergarten field day!!

6. Tech Club on Wednesdays!

5. Field Day!!

4. Special Areas!

3. All the Technology!!

2. Having all of my friends in our classroom!

1. Having Mr. Haney as a teacher!!

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My Big Wordle!!


Here is my big wordle of all my weeks of posts I have wrote!!

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Week 36!!!


This week was so spectacular, but also so bitter-sweet. First on Monday it was just a normal Monday, and there really wasn’t anything special that day. Next on Tuesday, we got our fish that we made in art out of clay! Mine was so funny looking! 🙂 Plus, on Wednesday we helped the super cute little kindergartens with their field day! We each got assigned a station and I got a game called scoops! Then, on Thursday we had our field day, and it was AMAZING! Since it was our last one in elementary school, it was so much fun, and we had class awards, and I won most school spirited!!Here is pic of Diamond and I, because we won most school spirited!!The events that I was in were: jump rope, running relay, and co-ed dress the teacher! They were all so much fun, and in jump rope I got 5th, then in running relay and dress the teacher we all got first!! Last, on Friday our school does something where we have a Q and U “wedding”. One of my best friends was the U  and that’s the bride. Then, Allan was the Q and he was the fiance. It was so much fun to watch, and I got to help Kate get ready before the big “wedding”! This week was so sad too though, because it was Anna Cate’s last week here, and it was our last full week here too! But, it was also and amazing week too! P.S, here are some pictures of this week!  Here is the pic of Kate and I before the wedding! Here I am helping out with the kindergartners on their field day!   Here I am with my clay fish I made in art!

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My SUPERB Week 35!!!


Hey this week was definitely one of my absolute favorite week! First, on Monday we had a field trip to a Science Museum in Oak Ridge!!!! Second on Tuesday, we took a tour to West Valley Middle School, and it was a lot of fun! What we got to do there was, we saw the orchestra, the band, and the choir! They were all so good! Plus, when we took the tour, it was awesome too! Then on Wednesday, we went to another middle school called Bearden. It was very cool, and we got to see a lot of cool things there. First, we got to see some of their cool clubs at their school that you could join, and then the cheer team and dance team showed us a routine!! Plus, on Thursday in the morning we had a girl talk, and it was scary! But we also got to see people from Bearden come and talk to us about orchestra and band! And last about Thursday, is Anna Cate came in and helped us do cool mother’s day cards!! Finally, on Friday we got to practice our awesome fifth grade musical! And, at recess we did a thing called in three words that will go on a slide show thing, and it was so much fun! That was my amazing week 35, and I hope you liked it!!!!

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My SUPER Week 34!!!!


Hey! This week 34 was AMAZING!!! We got to do so many fun things, and I’m going to tell you about them!n First, on Monday, we had a mystery Skype with Illinois! And now, we started to go to math 2 times a day, and it’s not exciting at all. 🙁 Plus, since it was health fair week, we had zumba on Monday, and it was so much fun!! Next, on Tuesday, a very nice guy came in, and told us about a type of diabetes. It was very cool, and he told us about a lot of fun facts about diabetes! Then, on Wednesday, we had our track and field day!! It was so much fun, and since I was in the relay, it was a ton of fun! Plus, on Thursday, for the health week it was yoga day, and it was sooooooo much fun!!! And, we even had another mystery Skype with Texas!! Last, on Friday, we had our walk for diabetes, and it was so much fun! This week was especially busy, but so much fun!!!! P.S , here are some pictures of this week!!  Here is a picture of us planting some pumpkins!! Also, I’m the one in the yellow flower bow!  Here, we are at the track meet, and I’m the one 2nd to last on the left! Here is another one at the track meet, and I’m the one with the brown hair about to run off with the baton.  Here I am doing yoga, and I’m the one in the front with brown hair!!! Thanks for reading it!!

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My FANTASTIC Week 33!!


Hey everyone! My week 33, was amazing, but still very hard! First, on Monday, we just reviewed and reviewed for TCAP’S. Practically the whole day we just did trivia! Next, on Tuesday, it was the big day! We had TCAP’S, and that day was reading! It was hard, but not to bad, thank goodness!! Then, we had math, and I was excited about that one! Plus, on Thursday it was science, and I was very nervous! But, when I started, it wasn’t bad at all! Last, on Friday, it was social studies and it was tough, but we all got through it! And, plus, Anna Cate (our student teacher) had a fund raiser, and I got a lot of cool stuff from it!! That was my fantastic week 33!!

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Hey!!! This week, was VERY hard, but still pretty fun. First, on Monday I got to skip school because I was flying back from my cheer competition, and  it was so much fun!! And when I got back, I went straight to my softball game. We played great, but sadly lost 6 to 7. 🙁 Then, on Tuesday I went back to school and we did a LOT of review!! And next, on Wednesday I was sick and didn’t go to school because I had the stomach bug. It was horrible!! Then, on Thursday I felt better, so I went back to school, and again we did A TON of review!! But, Mr.Haney made it fun, so we got to go outside and do ticket trivia!! So, it was pretty fun! Last, on Friday, we watched the Soul Singers preform, and the did AMAZING!! Plus, for lunch we got to stay in our classroom for lunch and have our complement party!!! This week was tough, but still a lot of fun!!! Here are the Soul Singers!!!

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Have you ever gotten letters from spain?!? We have, and it was really cool! My amazing  person that I write too, she sent me a BEAUTIFUL bracelet!!!! Also,  we had Monday off for Easter and Kate and I had a softball game!!! It was sooooo much fun!! But also, the WHOLE week we did lots of TCAP REVIEW. 🙁 Although, Mr. Haney still made it a lot of fun!! And, we also got  our new safety post and I LOVE  mine!!!! Plus,  we got to help the 3rd graders with their TCAP practices and it was a ton of fun!!!!!!! And, next week soul singers preform their songs!!! I can’t wait!! Now, I’m going to show you some of the pictures of this week………

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